Food & Nutrition

One cannot talk of improving the immunity & healing power without having the right food – in case of animals, we call this ‘species appropriate food’. Just like we wouldn’t feed a meat based diet to cattle, we shouldn’t feed primarily vegetarian food to dogs or cats.
Whether it is arthritis, skin issues or gut health for dogs and cats, we recommend hand-made, primarily meat based high protein diet. Speaking about commercial dog food, it is like instant noodles- no amount of added vitamins or minerals can make it a substitute for fresh food as a staple.

Since it can be difficult for each of us to learn about species appropriate food and how to prepare these foods, and what quantity must be served to our pets, we recommend working with a qualified canine nutritionist.

 Few recommendations for Canine Nutrition

– Georginas Kitchen –  or , No phone number available.

– Carni Kitchen –  (+918143845455)

– Kanine Krypto  (+919632142095)

– Luchi’s Bowl – , No phone number available

– Rini Dalal – (+9187778 25757)

– Julia – , No phone number available

– Doggielicious- Manssi – – 98456 07021

 Grooming Products, Topical Applications & Tick Prevention

Local applications like shampoos, baths, tick prevention etc are equally important from a holistic point of view. A few recommendations:
– For tick prevention and healing the skin, Scoobydubdub from is definitely our topmost recommendation.
– For dogs with highly sensitive skin, we often prioritise Quicky Clean by due to its soothing properties (use as per instructions on pack but dont add ACV if the skin has cuts or wounds is what we usually suggest).
– For itchy skin, a Chamomile Flower spray/ lotion works beautifully. Chamomile flowers can be sourced from has awesome shade dried ones, or from in case they run out of stock.
– has great skin and haircare products for dogs, and the paw butter and tick and flea bomb from are good too.

For severe tick and flea infestations, we often recommend a 50-50 dilution of ACV in water, with 20 drops of Ledum Pal Mother Tincture (Homeopathic medicine, available on and in pharmacies), generously applied on the body and dried off, 1-2 times a week. For dogs with dry skin, 5-10 drops of coconut oil can also be added to this mix.

These things in addition to a good diet and regular brushing with a good brush like the Zoomgroom usually make for good coats and healthy skin.