1. Consultation charges must be paid in advance to confirm an appointment
  2. Medicine and shipping charges must be paid in advance, post consultation, for medicines to be dispatched.
  3. No consultation charges are applicable and only medicine and shipping charges are applicable from the second month onwards.
  4. Consultation charges are not refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Medicine charges are not refundable once the medicines have been dispatched from our end.
  6. Courier services are used optimally as per availability, reach and timelines.
  7. In extraordinary/force majeure situations like natural disasters, pandemics, other disease outbreaks, riots or other similar situations, courier services might be affected. Best efforts will be made to dispatch medicines using available means in such circumstances. No guarantees are applicable under such circumstances. Patients are requested to bear with the same.
  8. Homeopathic medicines are usually never prescribed expressly on prescriptions. This is because of the tendency shown by patients to continue medications beyond the recommended time, or to self medicate in future instances of disease. The nature of Homeopathic science is such, that it is not necessary that one medication will exclusively be used for a specific disease/condition. The same disease might require a different medication at different points in time/ instances and the same medication may be required for different diseases, depending on the underlying cause. Hence, in order to prevent self-medication and to prevent any ambiguity in minds of patients, we directly ship required medicines and quantity thereof rather than issuing prescriptions.
  9. Emergency medicine prescriptions may be given in case medicine delivery is not possible. This is, however, at the sole discretion of Homeocare and its doctors.