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Chinthana Gopinath



I first consulted with Dr. Renu Nath 6 odd years ago when our freagle Sasha was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Since then, she’s been our go to doctor for our large brood of dogs. She’s cured them of various issues, where no cure exists in conventional veterinary medicine, such as moist dermatitis, hygroma, hematoma, trigeminal neuralgia & so on.

Dr. Ashima has worked with us with an open, compassionate heart on several rescues. Treating tick fever & parvo in conjunction with modern medicine to help the immune system heal the body & mitigate the side effects of long-term drug therapy.

The humans of our family have now started to reap the benefit of the skill & dedication this mother-daughter duo possess. They treat us, dogs & humans, as whole & complete entities. Not just a bundle of symptoms. Our emotional state, feelings, thoughts, past experiences, trauma et al is discussed extensively before treatment. And it works, beautifully.


Founder Trustee of Freagles of India

Founder, Back In The Day

Chinthana Gopinath

Sanjana Madappa



I work for an animal welfare NGO in Bangalore and often we see a lot of animals who have medical issues that are not resolved through allopathic medicine. We started working with Dr. Ashima about two years ago and her homeo medicines have worked wonders on dogs with skin issues, renal issues, arthritis and spondylitis as well as behavioural issues like anxiety.

Recently, when the COVID Pandemic started, we reached out to her to give us something that would help build some protection against COVID. Our jobs come under emergency services and we were working through the lockdown interacting with multiple people on a daily basis. I fully believe that it is a testament to her medication that none of our team of ten people have contracted COVID, despite the nature of our work. I’m truly grateful for the number of animals and people she has been able to help through her expertise.

Head Counsellor & Rehabilitation, CUPA’s Second Chance Adoption Center


Sanjana Madappa

Pradeepa Rao


I always thought homeopathy meant slow healing that could take months or years. In today’s urban lifestyle, we are all looking for immediate remedies. So I was only pleasantly surprised with my experience with Homeocare. Dr. Ashima has been treating me, my dog Snowy, my cats May and Tuxedo for almost 2 years now. I got in touch with her to treat Snowy’s hip dysplasia and anxiety. Dr. Ashima explained to me how homeopathy considers not just the symptoms, but also the root cause and emotions attached to the issue at hand and treats it holistically.

Once I started seeing a difference in Snowy’s limp and anxiety, I inquired whether she could treat my cat Tuxedo also for his anxiety and my cat May for her bullying issues. Tuxedo would pee on furniture due to stress and in turn would stress me out. Her medicines worked like a charm and within 2 days of administering, he stopped urinating outside the litterbox. We have been pee-incident free or months now.

Dr Ashima has also been treating me for my PCOD and anxiety and I too, have seen a remarkable change in my irregular cycles, despite having PCOD. She also helped my community dog, Hachi tide over her tick fever safely during her pregnancy. Overall, Dr. Ashima has been instrumental in the well-being of not just the animals under my care, but my mental and physical well-being as well. Thank you, doc! ☺

Pet parent, Animal Lover and Founder, Furry Tales


Pradeepa Rao

Richa Singh Choudhuri


I run a rescue centre and a dog boarding home in Ahmedabad, Gujarat since 2017. Being a rescuer, I come across many dogs with different issues. I have 10 dogs of my own in my house, and we always have 10-15 rescued dogs at the centre as well.

I first came to know about Dr Renu in 2017. I had a Rottweiler named Zara who had severe multiple organ failure. After trying everything possible under the sky in conventional medicine, I switched to Dr Renu’s medicines with absolutely no hope. But the medicines worked and we owe the next 18 months of Zara’s life to Dr Renu. After that, I consulted Dr Renu and Dr Ashima for various issues for my rescued as well as home dogs – from skin to kidney to liver to UTI, to renal stones and hip
dysplasia. They also helped me to calm my extremely aggressive rescues and the ones who had severe separation anxiety. People have their own understanding when it comes to Homeopathy and I completely get it. I won’t lie, I was one of them until 2016. Allopathy was always the first choice of treatment for me.

What absolutely put me at ease every time I speak to Dr Renu or Dr Ashima is they listen. They listen to my issues, they talk about my dogs, they understand every rescue dog does not come with stories
and we must work on whatever we have. I am a strong advocate of homeopathy as I have witnessed the small little sweet pills change the life of my dogs. So many unnecessary surgeries, unnecessary
medicines have been avoided and the dogs are living a healthy life that they are supposed to live. All it took was a leap of faith, patience and consistency from my side.

Owner, Bowsome Dog Retreat & Animal Welfare Activist, Ahmedabad


    Richa Singh Choudhuri

    Sanjeev Jhaveri


    I have known Dr Renu Nath for over 10 years. I first took her homeopathic treatment for my lower back pain. The medicine work just like magic after she took my detailed history. Till then I was not very convinced about homeopathic treatments. I then talked to her about my cardiac issues. I had got angioplasty done twice after a heart attack and got a bypass surgery done in October 2016.

    She has been giving me medicines and I can tell you with full confidence that my issue with cholesterol got sorted and the statins have been reduced by the cardiologist to the minimum dose possible. I had thyroid issue and was taking medicine to keep the TSH level down. When I started with her treatment my TSH levels started to come down and eventually I have completely stopped taking thyroid medicines.

    I can vouch for her competence and her knowledge about homeopathy. Even though I live in Mumbai and her medicines come from Baroda the treatment is easy and seamless.

    I have also got my wife and daughter treated by her. My wife was suffering from AMD (Age related myopic degeneration), the only treatment for which is taking expensive injections into the eye, which incidentally is only a stop gap arrangement and not a cure. She took about 4 injections before starting with Dr Nath’s treatment. Since she started with this homeopathic treatment she’s not taken a single injection. We are grateful and fortunate to have such a good doctor treating us. It is a very big privilege to find a dedicated and a competent doctor like Dr Renu Nath in today’s day and age.

    CEO – Admantine


    Sanjee Jhaveri Admantine

    Leena Bedekar

    I am a rescuer and a pet mom of 4 beautiful 4-legged kids. Dr Ashima has been instrumental in saving the life of my dog Swami who was then suffering from advanced stages of Canine Parvovirus, a case she turned out overnight. This miracle of sorts made me a firm believer of homeopathy.

    Since then, me and my extended family and friends have benefited from Dr Ashima and Homeocare’s expertise and treatments for a wide range of issues from severe depression due to compassion fatigue to acute issues like viral fevers, injuries and others. My pets and rescued animals continue to be under Dr Ashima’s care – for Swami’s fear and anxiety, Simba (my cat) suffering from an unnamed disease that led him to not eat or drink for weeks (Dr Ashima narrowed this to an emotional cause due to another foster cat at home) and many other problems, big and small.

    Dr Ashima and Dr Renu are working relentlessly and with compassion for a greater cause, my best wishes are with them. I am beyond impressed with my experience at Homeocare and would recommend them highly.

    Animal Rescuer & Welfare Worker


    Leena Bedekar