We consult remotely or in person, for human patients, and remotely or via phone call for animals. Please click on the “Book an Appointment” button below to proceed.

Our Specializations

Homeopathy for Humans

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages and safe during pregnancy, old age, and, infancy. It can also be taken alongside conventional treatment or can be used as an alternative. Homeopathy, by virtue of its principles and holistic approach, can be used to treat anything – even before the illness is named or ‘diagnosed’.

Homeopathy for Animals

Animals respond very well to homeopathy, in fact. After all, they live in the same environment as we do, and are affected by similar physical and emotional factors. They also have similar body functions and health issues as us such as renal failure, skin issues, heart enlargement, prostate enlargement, digestive problems.

Classical Homeopathic Practitioner Since 1978​
Dr Renu Nath

Dr.Renu Nath

Dr Renu completed her homeopathic medicine qualification with a gold medal from Dr. V H Dave Homeopathic Medical College, Anand, Gujarat in 1978. She has been practicing classical homeopathy with a focus on mental symptoms and the psychosomatic aspects of disease ever since.

Dr Ashima Nath
Contemporary Outlook, Proven Treatment​

Dr.Ashima Nath

Dr. Ashima also graduated as a gold medalist from Dr. V H Dave Homeopathic Medical College, Anand, Gujarat in 2003 and has been practicing homeopathy in the city of Thane, Maharashtra for over a decade.

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After the in-person (for humans only) /  video consultation, we will send medicines by courier¹ to your doorstep.

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    “The humans of our family have now started to reap the benefit of the skill & dedication this mother-daughter duo possesses. They treat us, dogs & humans, as whole & complete entities. Not just a bundle of symptoms. Our emotional state, feelings, thoughts, past experiences, trauma, everything is discussed extensively before treatment. And it works, beautifully.”

    – Chinthana Gopinath

    “We started working with Dr. Ashima Nath about two years ago and her homeo medicines have worked wonders. I fully believe that it is a testament to her medication that none of our team of ten people have contracted COVID, despite the nature of our work. I’m truly grateful for the number of animals and people she has been able to help through her expertise.”

    – Sanjana Madappa

    “Dr. Ashima has been instrumental in the well-being of not just the animals under my care, but my mental and physical well-being as well. Thank you, doc! ☺ ”

    – Pradeepa Rao

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