Repeated episodes of illness or pain or other health conditions. Despite ‘complete’ recovery when you suffered from the same condition last time!


You were promised ‘Quick Results’. But were not told anything about the multiple side effects!


Your condition was treated. But you were not really ‘cured’ from the root. Multiple related problems are nagging you long after…

Sounds familiar, right? Unfortunately, this is all too common. And this is not the case with just humans. It is the case with our pet friends too. Which is worse as they can’t even communicate clearly about what ails them.

Good news is that a solution exists. A gentle, safe and effective solutions that is holistic.


Homeopathy is suitable for all ages and safe even during pregnancy, old age, and infancy. It can also be taken alongside conventional treatment or can be used as an alternative. Homeopathy, by virtue of its principles and holistic approach, can be used to treat anything – even before the illness is named or ‘diagnosed’.

Does homeopathy work for animals as well? This is a question we are often asked.

Animals respond very well to homeopathy, in fact. After all, they live in the same environment as we do, and are affected by similar physical and emotional factors. They also have similar body functions and health issues as us such as renal failure, skin issues, heart enlargement, prostate enlargement, digestive problems.

The underlying principles for treatment of animals remain the same as the ones during human treatment. Anyone who has lived with animals will know that each of them has a different personality and behaviour. Hence, their behavioural changes matter as much as their physical symptoms. We take this into account and give it a high degree of importance in evaluating the cases.

Driven by passion for healthy humans and animals and rooted in classical homeopathy, Homeocare is on a mission of effective and holistic healthcare. A blend of the old and new, Homeocare is about 40+ years old (or young ?) and yet has the capability to treat you 100% remotely with digital/online means. We were doing online treatment and digital transactions with global shipping options back in 2003!

Homeocare is led by a mother-daughter duo, Dr. Renu Nath and Dr. Ashima Nath. Read about us here. Anytime you or your pet needs medical attention for any health condition, please feel free to reach out to us here.